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8188 Global Gold Competition

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    8188 Global Gold Competition
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Dome Video playback

Important news: 8188 Group cooperates with 1,000 top model companies to participate in the 8188 competition month first, second, third, and agents, first, second, third, and receive top model beauty service for 7 days. For details, please contact the service specialist.

Opening remarks: Hello, my friend, welcome to participate in the competition, it can bring you a sufficiently exciting game experience, and it can also bring you generous cash rewards. Let me introduce you to how to participate in the competition.
This description, please refer to the picture for understanding, it will make it easier for you to know how to operate

The first step: open the mobile browser, enter, enter the 8188 game platform, you can find out about going to the moon platform on the homepage


Step 2: Click demo to get your entry account, and you must remember your account number and password


Step 3: Perfect! You have entered the 8188 platform, the top shows the amount you currently have and your account, please remember your account name.
Let me teach you how to operate the game.

1:Yellow BET button: The game is played in 5 seconds, which is very interesting. You can click BET to bet immediately
2: BET USTD: You can set any amount you want to bet by yourself
3:Auto Cash OUT: The game starts to grow from 1X, and your betting income will increase accordingly. You can click the yellow button to interrupt the transaction at any time and get some account rewards. You can also set the multiple rewards you want here. But be aware that it may stop growing at any time, then you will get nothing

4:If you are worried about losing money due to a failed operation, then it’s okay, you can log out, follow the steps above to re-acquire a participating account, until you win the reward! Looking forward to your good luck!

Advanced gameplay: If you don’t have time to operate with your phone all the time, you can click AUTO and try the automatic betting mode! 123456.jpeg
1: Base Bet: You can set the amount you need to automatically bet here;
2: Auto Cashout at: You can set the multiple of automatic betting and automatic selling here;
3: Stop if bet is: You can set the highest cashed amount here, for example: (Stop if bet is>1000000), when your bet can cash 1,000,000USDT, it will be cashed automatically;
4: On loss: When you lose money, you can choose to automatically increase the bet here, or still choose the same amount
The above operations are the game steps to participate in the Global Gold Grand Prix
5: On win: When you win, you can choose to automatically set up the bet here, or still choose the same amount
6: RUN! : After all the above steps are set up, you can click RUN! to start the game; STOP: If you want to stop automatic betting, click STOP to stop immediately!

The Golden Grand Prix is fair, fair and open, you can invite any of your friends to participate in the game and get bonuses.

Note: The ranking will be counted once a day in the competition, and the ranking results will be published on the 3637 forum, so please remember the account and password you used to participate in the competition. It can redeem your bonus in time! Otherwise, the reward will not be redeemed!

The only official address of the Global Gold Competition:
The only public reward address for the Global Gold Contest:
The sole sponsor of the Global Gold Grand Prix:
The only partner of the Global Gold Grand Prix:


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I'm looking forward to the competition
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Looks great, I am looking forward to it.
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This is a heart-pounding, fascinating game, it’s great. I think many people will like it.
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Is this rule still active?
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